KabbalahTools.com has been specifically designed to provide you with practical down to earth accessories and equipment which will deepen and inspire your life with the light and power of Kabbalah Tools.

I’ve found that people interested in Kabbalah often don’t have access to the simple meditative kabbalistic tools, and protective gear that make living kabbalah a practical and life enriching experience.

kabbalah rabbi max

I also want to provide you with beautiful, hand made, exquisitely crafted and 100% Certified Kosher Kabbalah Tools, Judaica and lifestyle accessories available at a realistic and affordable prices so more people can have access to them and can benefit from them.

I believe it’s important that you’re also provided with, easy to follow, clear and practical instructions on how to use and most benefit from these lifestyle tools.

In addition I want to provide you with a personal and professional Kabbalah Coaching Service via Skype and also a series of inspiring and uplifting video lectures on a wide variety of Kabbalistic topics, that will empower you to live in a sacred awareness of the Divine at every moment.

Please enjoy the content of this website and I look forwards to giving you access to the best Kabbalah Tools available.

Peace & Blessing

Rabbi Max Ariel Kohanzad